Welcome | SunnyRoses International School

Welcome to SunnyRoses International School. We assure you of an ideal ‚Äčlearning environment.  Our classes are enriched with an exciting range of educational materials.To further enrich the programme, we offer French, ICT, Georgraphy, Music and Drama. Our experienced and dedicated team provides exceptional care for your children. At SunnyRoses, we are committed to creating an enriched learning environment fully devoted to nurture the child's love for learning. Our children are inspired to reach their highest potential using our specially prepared international curriculum.  Our dedicated and trained team seeks to enhance the child's potential.


            OUR GOALS

Our goal is to build an environment that will help the child to explore, communicate, work and perfect skills to his/her highest potential. We envisage working with parents to help develop the child holistically, which encompasses developing the child's concentration, independence, confidence, order and self-discipline


Mrs Jessica Ugboma
( Director)